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Chassis Views and Indicator Lights

Updated January 18, 2022. Written for LMS Version 6.3.


This document identifies the main physical features of the Lantronix 500/5000 Local Managers.

The Local Manager uses lights to communicate operational status. The Ethernet and serial connectors on the Local Manager have link and activity indicator lights.

Lantronix 5000

The Lantronix 5000 provides 6 on-board serial ports and supports two expansion cards.

Lantronix 5000 Front View

Learn more: Expansion Cards

Lantronix 500

The Lantronix 500 is a small form factor Local Manager offering a fixed set of console ports for connection to managed devices.

Lantronix 500 Front View

There are six serial ports that can be connected to managed devices including an intelligent power controller.

Lantronix 500 Front View Diagram

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