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Buttons and Indicator Lights

Updated January 3, 2022. Written for LMS Version 6.3.

The Lantronix Local Manager provides buttons and indicator lights for in-person configuration and troubleshooting. LEDs are multi-color and can flash at various speeds or remain solid. The LM80 and LM83X have identical functionality.

LM83X Activity Lights and Buttons


Button Purpose
Power Press to power on the Local Manager. Hold to restart the Local Manager.
Reset The reset button can be used to factory reset the Local Manager. Hold before applying power to begin the factory reset.

Indicator Lights

Power LED

This LED will light a solid green when the system is powered on.

Status LED

During normal operation, the status LED presents the following colors:

  • White (solid): BIOS loading
  • Yellow (flashing): operating system loading
  • Green (flashing): application loaded and running

Warning LED

The warning LED works in conjunction with the status LED to indicate events outside of normal operation.

Warning LED Status LED
Software Installing BLUE (flashing) BLUE (solid)
Factory Reset Beginning BLUE (flashing) YELLOW (solid)
Factory Reset Running GREEN (rapid flashing) BLUE (solid)
FIPS Warning RED (flashing) RED (flashing)

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