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show directory

Updated March 1, 2022. Written for LMS Version 6.2.

Displays files stored for each supported device.

Command availability

CLI resource: port

Device makes: 3Com, Alcatel, Cisco, Comtech EF Data, HP, iDirect, Juniper, ND Satcom, Netscreen, Nortel, Sun, Tasman, TippingPoint, native, server

Lantronix Local Managers: All

LMS offerings: All


show directory [-v]

The -v parameter ads file size and date display.


Files are associated with a particular port, make, model, and OS combination. If you change a device on one of the Lantronix Local Manager's ports, the files will not be accessible from that device unless it is a similar make, model, and OS combination.

[admin@LantronixLM (port1/3)]# show directory
Type    Version   Name
------- --------- ------------
        Current   running-config
        Previous  running-config

        Candidate running-config-undo43414.img

        DAC606    DAC-2202_ 606.s19


1.4 - The verbose flag (-v) was modified to display archived versions of device files.

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