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show system syslog-options

Updated February 17, 2022. Written for LMS Version 6.2.

Displays the parameters used to send the Lantronix Local Manager's own logs to a syslog server.

Command availability

CLI resource: system

Lantronix system: All

LMS offerings: All


show system syslog-options


[admin@LantronixLM]# show system syslog-options
Syslog enabled: yes
Syslog server IP:
Syslog port number: 514
Syslog facility: local5

In the Lantronix web interface

Inventory > group page > Network > Syslog - specific to this inventory group

Inventory > Local Manager page > Network > Syslog - specific to this system


3.4 - This command was introduced to replace show Local Manager syslog-options.

Related commands

  • config system syslog-options

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